Stevan's Journal The First

Stevan's Journal The First

Stevan’s Journal The First

Strange rumors have been floating about the land. There were tales of a happening with ghastly side effects in its wake. I was not completely sure of what it might be until recently. I take walks around my lake everyday as a form of meditation. One day I saw something strange. Blood red pansies were sprouting along side the lake, as well as black daises. A flock of sparrows were perpetually circling a nearby oak. Bodies of dead sparrows littered the ground around it, seemingly having died by sheer exhaustion.

It was then that I heard a small whimpering sound somewhere near by. After some searching I saw a small winged creature about 20 feet from me after a few paces into the woods. I called to him he flitted over and told me his companion was quite sick. Upon inspection it seemed the blight that was affecting the flora around me cottage had infected this poor creature called Kiralyn. They were Sprites. Her husband (for lack of a better word), Sindri, said she was stuck in a perpetual and painful sleep. Every now and again she would shriek in her sleep as if in great pain. I tried to help by casting a heal spell. It helped, but only minorly. Sindri after some pleading convinced me to escort him and his “wife” to Ceiria to see the Druid Delania. He knew her from his time living where she was once stationed. We loaded Kiralyn onto my wheelbarrow, wrapped her up in my blankets, and were on our way. I confess, I was quite curious to determine the origin of this strange sickness. I am always eager to learn more about our mother earth. I found it strange she would turn on her inhabitants like this.

We set out towards the main highway. We stopped for the night after about half a day’s travel. In the middle of the night Sindri rudely awakened me after several attempts to rouse me. We were surrounded by 4 rat-like creatures, and they’re bodies were oozing with what seemed a more advanced version of the blight that now affected Sindri’s dear Karilyn. After a shot skirmish, in which Sindri astoundingly took out 2 of our attackers, I collapsed of sheer exhaustion and wounds. After all I was surprised greatly by these foes. I woke up and hour later with my sprite friend resting on my chest. Annoyed I accosted him to get off. I then felt a little remorse because it seems he had bandaged my wounds. It seems, according to Sindri, the creatures that attacked us were Kobolds. The disease maddened their race, while the Sprites were sent into a painful perpetual sleep. After a nights rest we were back on the road.

For three weeks we encountered nothing on the road to Ceiria. Then finally the city came into view. It was magnificent. It had been awhile since I had seen a city so grand. Sindri steered us towards the Goddess Forest, which was Deliana protected, and in turn protected her. Sindri flew ahead of me and into the forest. A path appeared into the forest, which I had not noticed before. Wheeling Kiralyn in I began to hear what I thought to be whispers coming from the trees. I said aloud my intentions of bringing an injured friend to Deliana for help, and that I meant no harm. I saw shrouded figured darting around behind the trees, but they seemed to pay me no heed. After an hours walk I cam upon a large clears with a lake and quaint looking stone cottage. A quite beautiful Elven woman exited and made her way towards me. She was tall with long blonde hair braided in one long strand, which fell down her back. I man in a black cloak stood in front of the cottage, his face hidden by shadow. She introduced herself as Deliana, the Druid we had come to see. I opened the blankets to show the ailment that befell Kiralyn. Just then Sindri burst from the forest with some cuts and minor wounds. Straying from the forest path seemed to have been a poor decision. After patching up Sindri and examining Kiralyn I was asked to stay around and help Deliana research what this blight might be. I agreed to stay. I was still curious to learn more about this strange blight. Deliana wheeled in the ailing Sprite, and Sindri followed alongside stroking his loved ones hand. I was left alone with the strange hooded figure in front of the cottage.

End Journal Entry First



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